Choosing the Correct Center Support Bearings for GM Applications

Many vehicle models use the same OE component part numbers for their entire production run, but there are exceptions to this rule. Some models are manufactured with variation in the OE parts used, making it critical to identity the OE part to ensure the proper aftermarket replacement part. In some cases, not even the VIN can indicate the proper OE part used on a particular vehicle.


  • 1999-2004 GM, ½ Ton, 1500 C, K & R series
  • 1999-2010 GM, ¾ Ton, 1500 C, K & R series

Due to a lengthy production run, with a lot of variation on a single platform, and being manufactured in multiple plants with multiple part suppliers, GM offers multiple center support bearings for the applications listed above. Any of the five bearing options below could be the correct part for one of these vehicles.


At a glance, these center support bearings may look similar, but the bearings have different mounting options and hardware, as well as multiple inner diameters (ID). The best way to determine the correct center support bearing for these applications is to visually inspect the existing bearing, looking for options above, and to also verify the bearing ID. It is recommended to use a caliper to measure the ID to ensure accuracy.

Following this BCA Tech Tip will ensure you order the right part for this job, the first time.

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