Four Tips for Efficient Installation of Wheel Hub Assemblies

Operating efficiencies in your shop can mean the difference between generating a profit and breaking even, so efficient installation of wheel hub assemblies should be a priority. You can increase efficiency using some straightforward techniques that are applicable to all shops.

Document the Process
If you are not sure if your technicians all use the same method to perform installations, then documenting the correct installation procedures will help. If there is variability in how the processes are being performed, it can mean several different things. One possibility is that best practices aren’t being shared between technicians. Another is that certain technicians may be faster and more efficient because they’re using better techniques. Documentation will help you identify the root cause of the variations and develop one efficient procedure for everyone to use.

Use the Right Tools
Having the right tools is one of the most important factors affecting your overall efficiency. If you try to make do with tools that are ill-suited for the job, you’re likely to have a less efficient installation process. The tools you’ll need will vary slightly depending on the vehicle you’re working on and other factors, such as whether or not the vehicle is two-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Applicable tools include:

  • Torque wrench
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Rubber mallet
  • Breaking bar

Lay Out Your Tools
Having all your tools at hand when you start the installation process may seem unnecessary, but it can make a world of difference during the installation process. If you have to stop the installation process to look for a tool, it can substantially add to your turnaround time. If you don’t have a portable tool chest, try using a portable roller with a flat top, so you can lay your tools out neatly before you begin. This will improve your efficiency and make your life easier.

Stock the Right Parts
Having the right amount of parts inventory on hand makes a difference when it comes to performing installations efficiently. Just-in-time inventory methods reduce operating costs for manufacturers, and you should follow the same model for keeping your costs minimal. You can work with your suppliers to stock quality wheel hub assemblies in the right quantities based on the volume of work your shop does. With the right parts on hand, there will be minimal delays in service, translating to quicker turnaround times and higher profits.

When you use more efficient installation processes, you are making your shop a stronger business that provides better customer service and generates higher revenues and profits. Use these four tips to your advantage and increase your efficiency and keep your customers happy.

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