Can Proper Wheel Hub Installation Save Your Customers Money?

When you pass savings along to your customers, you can earn repeat business and enhance your brand image, which is why your wheel hub installation process is critical for your shop. Proper wheel hub installation reduces vehicle maintenance costs and extends the useful life of wheel hub assemblies and their related parts. Whether it’s preventing comeback wheel bearing replacements or abnormal wear on tires, proper installation can save your customers money (and time) down the road.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Wheel hubs that are improperly installed, torqued or fastened can cause a variety of maintenance issues that result in the wheel hub or bearing needing to be replaced. This is attributable to excessive friction, loss of lubrication or structural damage, all resulting from improper installation. Wheel hub assemblies or bearings often start to make sounds when installation flaws go uncorrected. Inspection and maintenance costs will be lower for customers if your staff installs wheel hubs correctly the first time.

Less Time in the Shop
The less time your customers have to spend in the repair shop, the more money they’ll save, not only in maintenance costs, but also in opportunity or ancillary costs. For example, your customers can focus their attention on other value-added activities in their lives when they are not in your shop. When you install wheel hubs correctly, the result is more money in your customers’ pockets and more time on their hands.

Fewer Component Replacements
Wheel hub assemblies touch or impact a large number of vital, and oftentimes expensive components. Brakes calipers and brake rotors, for example, are in close proximity to wheel hubs and can become damaged if hubs oscillate excessively or suffer catastrophic failure. This can necessitate the premature replacement of expensive components. You can help your customers avoid these types of unnecessary costs by following proper installation procedures.

Saving customers’ money is an effective method of staying in business over the long-term, which is why quality wheel hub installations are so important to your business. Customers will have lower maintenance costs and related expenses, when their hubs are installed correctly, and you will have more happy customers to spread the word that your shop does great work.

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