Webinar: Smooth Roads Ahead: Making Wheel Bearing Jobs Work for Your Shop

Wheel bearings are safety-critical components which feature precision engineering, robust construction, and a long service life. However, all wheel bearings will eventually need to be replaced. Wheel bearing or hub assembly replacement can present a number of challenges to technicians. This could be due in part to bearing design, construction, corrosion buildup, and/or replacement parts selection.

This webinar originally streamed live on 8/04/2022.

During this 45-minute webinar we discuss:

  • The importance of wheel bearings to the overall vehicle.
  • The impact of extreme usage, environments on wheel bearings.
  • Common customer concerns.
  • How to correctly diagnose the cause of the symptoms.
  • How to select the right replacement part for the job.
  • How to sell and manage difficult bearing replacement jobs.
  • How to reduce installation times and costly comebacks.
  • How to deal with corrosion.

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