June 2, 2022

BCA Bearings Wins ACPN Silver Award for Web-Based Catalog

Mt. Prospect, IL – NTN, the parent company of BCA Bearings, is pleased to announce the receipt of a 2022 Content Excellence Award from the Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN). BCA Bearings received the Silver Award for its Web-Based Catalog at the 2022 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference.

NTN Automotive Aftermarket Catalog Team Accepting Award at 2022 ACPN Conference

“We are honored to be recognized for our web-based catalog by the ACPN. Our BCABearings.com catalog lookup is the public interface for the catalog data that our team works hard to maintain. Throughout 2021, we had over 22,000 catalog lookups on the BCA website alone, so providing the most up-to-date, complete and accurate catalog data, with a user friendly interface, is of utmost importance, and we are proud to accept this award.”

Mark Richardson, Catalog Manager, Automotive Aftermarket, NTN

The ACPN Content Excellence Awards, given annually, recognize the best examples of product cataloging in the automotive aftermarket. The Web-Based Catalog award is based on the catalog application lookup that is purely browser-based and does not require any special client-side app to be installed.

The Knowledge Exchange Conference, the world’s largest meeting of automotive content professionals, vendors, and solutions partners, is hosted by the ACPN, a professional society of the Auto Care Association. Member companies represent all major product segments of the automotive aftermarket industry. The 2022 ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference, took place in May during the Auto Care Association’s Auto Care Connect event in Orlando, FL.

This award represents the fifth ACPN Content Excellence Award for BCA Bearings in the last six years.

About BCABCA® has over a century of experience supplying wheel end solutions in America. Today BCA is owned by NTN, a global manufacturer of wheel hub assemblies and bearings. As the #1 supplier of OE-quality hub assemblies, we fulfill more than 30% of the demand for North American OE vehicle production from our Elgin, Illinois plant. In the Aftermarket, this gives BCA the advantage of providing highly-engineered replacement parts that meet or exceed the OE engineering specifications. We leverage this expertise to offer application full-line coverage for both domestic and foreign nameplates.NTN ContactGeorgianne Dickey, NTN Marketing, gdickey@ntnusa.com


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