April 1, 2020

BCA Announces 2020 Summer Games Promotion

Mt. Prospect, IL – NTN, the parent company of BCA Bearings, is proud to announce the launch of our 2020 BCA Summer Games promotion. BCA’s warehouse distributor customers can earn BCA-branded, premium merchandise with qualifying orders of BCA wheel hub assemblies, bearings and seals.

“We are very excited to unveil our 2020 BCA Summer Games promotion” said Georgianne Dickey, Senior Manager of Product and Marketing Communications. “Our warehouse distributor customers have come to look forward to our BCA summer promotions. They earn BCA-branded merchandise, which they then use to conduct their own customer promotions, so our merchandise and the brand recognition that goes with it, reaches all levels of our distribution channels, all the way to the installing technician. We think our 2020 BCA Summer Games theme will be a real homerun!”

In keeping with the summery themes of past promotions, the 2020 BCA Summer Games promotion features summer sport-themed premiums, including spectator essentials like lip balm and sunscreen to protect against the elements; a travel blanket, padded stadium seat and misting fan for ultimate fan comfort in the summer sun; binoculars to help keep an eye on the action, a stress ball to cope with those edge of the seat sporting moments, a fashionable fanny pack to keep everything organized; and finally a travel badminton set to burn-off competitive energy and achieve maximum summer games fun!

For additional details about the 2020 BCA Summer Games promotion, contact your local BCA sales representative or customer relations advocate

About BCABCA® has over a century of experience supplying wheel end solutions in America. Today BCA is owned by NTN, a global manufacturer of wheel hub assemblies and bearings. As the #1 supplier of OE-quality hub assemblies, we fulfill more than 30% of the demand for North American OE vehicle production from our Elgin, Illinois plant. In the Aftermarket, this gives BCA the advantage of providing highly-engineered replacement parts that meet or exceed the OE engineering specifications. We leverage this expertise to offer application full-line coverage for both domestic and foreign nameplates.NTN ContactGeorgianne Dickey, NTN Marketing, gdickey@ntnusa.com


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